Raymond & Amy Hunt | Spring, TX

We are so grateful to be a part of Eric and Kristin's lives and were thankful to be included their very first "with you"retreat weekend! It was a life changing weekend for us for so many reasons! 

The beautiful and applicable teaching from both of them has forever altered our hearts to remember that Jesus has not forgotten us, that He is with us, and that if we just take the time to remember Him and to rest in His promises- His joy is like nothing else! Thank you Eric and Kristin for reminding us to rest and remember. We have not forgotten and are telling others this good news!!

Lane & Suzanne Phillips | Milton, GA

"Knowing Eric and Kristin and their personal journey toward the heart of God laid a foundation of trust and eagerness as we prepared to join them for a retreat. The name WITHYOU captures the heartbeat of both their life example and the message and experience they so humbly yet passionately offer. We happened to know all of the couples attending the retreat (not planned) as well as many of their personal stories. The response, across the board, was evidence of a much needed reminder not only of the rest we have been given as followers, but, the overwhelming freedom that is available when we remember whose we are and who we are. This unique experience was refreshment for the soul!  We highly recommend this retreat and have already reached out to tell many friends how much we think they will enjoy the experience."

Corbin and TJ Wilson | Fort Worth, TX

"Eric and Kristin are master storytellers, sharing straight from the Master’s stories. Even with high expectations going into the Withyou Retreat, my husband and I were both surprised by the powerful reminder of how Christ’s love ushers in new beginnings. We left the retreat with a refreshed outlook on how deeply we are loved by Jesus, and how He equips us to love others. And besides that, there’s nothing like sharing laughter and tears with old and new friends alike!"

Rod and Rachel Brown | Milton, GA

"We truly thought this weekend was going to be a marriage retreat...but it was SO much more.  We were blown away at the mystery of how we could both be ministered to in one event and never even discuss our marriage! It was so beautiful and the teaching clarity of Eric & Kristin was breathtaking! To watch this couple run in their lanes and impart their identity in Christ to others is where the gospel meets real life! We both walked away saying, "Wow, THAT was special!" And...we are forever changed by the encounter."

Kevin and Lauren Jenkins | Conroe, TX

"Our time together at the Withyou Retreat was special and very meaningful to us, both as a couple and individually, as Christ-followers. To be reminded of His great love for us always lifts us up and restores our souls. "To know ourselves as we are already known by Him"... wonderful!  To retreat together, in Christian fellowship, breathed new life into us and we are grateful."

Matt and Jenny Sneller | Spring, TX

"We so often muddle up and complicate what it looks like to freely follow Jesus.  Spending the weekend with the most authentic people and together looking at the relationship between Jesus and one of His disciples from a whole new perspective, felt a little like coming home.  We left with a simple life-changing message: Recover, Remember, & Rest.  Incredible!"