Withyou Retreat

Our prayer is that this weekend will be a chance for you to press pause on the demands of everyday life, and have some time and space to remember what you already know to be true of Jesus, and to rest in who He is and what He has already done.

People often ask us if this is a “marriage retreat”… Many of those joining us happen to be attending with their spouses, but this experience is for anyone! Our hope is that you, individually, will have a life-giving experience with Jesus, and the journey through the weekend will be a life-giving breath of fresh air, as you walk with Him.

We’ll be working through a few foundational concepts, but through the lens of Jesus and His relationship with one of His disciples. We’ll follow the familiar story through Scripture all weekend, but from a new perspective. As we watch the relationship unfold, we’ll then be able to reflect on what we’ve seen in Jesus, and how that gives us freedom to truly rest in Him. We have some meaningful things prepared, and we are so expectant for our time together!

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